A New Approach to Energy Management

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Understand your energy and carbon performance


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Identify timely interventions to reduce costs


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Encourage action - right person, right place, right time

Best Practice

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Comprehensive metering, data acquisition, cloud historians, dashboards, big data, expert systems, optimisers, apps


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Leading, modern solutions for the digital future


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Finance for investment, benefits guaranteed

Turning Data Into Insights ...
Turning Insights Into Action

Simple to implement: delivering significant benefits

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Improving Insight

Comprehensive energy and operations data is fundamental to effective performance management. But real time data alone is not enough

Big Data Analytics

We use advanced data mining solutions to turn energy and operations data into insights and actions:

  • why does energy performance vary?
  • what is the best way to operate my plant?
  • is my performance now on target, and if not what is wrong?
Modelling and Optimisation

Data is transformed into models and optimisers that can predict performance, in real time:

  • what is my expected performance?
  • what needs to be changed to achieve best practice
Visualisaton and Dashboards

Effective representations of data supports better understanding of energy and systems performance.

Creating Action

Energy and carbon savings are achieved when actions are taken: faults are remedied, optimum conditions are implemented, projects are identified, developed and implemented


Our solutions create ‘nudges’ from your data, messages delivered in a timely manner to encourage actions to reduce energy use. Nudges can be delivered using our ‘Nudge Energy’ app for IOS and Android, or via email, text, SCADA, BMS or other messaging solutions.


Modern dashboards provide concise and useful information to stimulate discussion and action


Data is used to identify and justify new investments to improve performance, enabling users to take full advantage of emerging technologies and new opportunities

Demonstrating Progress

Stakeholders need to know that progress is being made in energy and carbon reduction and that investments are delivering the expected return

Energy Performance

Our solutions track the energy performance of operations. 

Carbon Reduction

The progress towards zero or negative carbon can be tracked. 


Regulatory compliance requires comprehensive and accurate energy performance data


What Can We Achieve

Significant reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions

Demonstrable improvements and regulatory compliance

Energy use, carbon and cost savings can be guaranteed

New projects identified, developed, financed, implemented

Best practice, digital energy efficiency and carbon solutions

No investment required, positive cash flow from day one