EnproAnalytics for Big Data Analysis

transforming your big data into huge benefits

Bringing Together Energy Experts & Data Analytics Specialists

Effective data analysis to improve energy performance requires a deep understanding of energy performance and efficiency, expertise in data analytics and experience.

Delivering benefits requires engineering knowhow and specialist toolkits to ‘nudge’ people into effective action.

Comprehensive understanding of energy


Proven expertise in Big Data analytics


Track record in industrial & commercial sectors


Leading toolkits & solutions


Innovative, digital energy efficiency


We Go Beyond Big Data To Deliver Benefits

Finding optimum solutions balancing competing objectives and constraints that ‘nudge’ people into action.
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Data Acquisition

Energy and operations data can be collected securely in real time, cleaned and made available for analysis and reporting

We securely connect our solutions to your equipment, historian, control system or database.
We move your data in real time into our secure cloud historian, or we access the data using your existing historian.
We transform and clean your historical and live data, making it ready for advanced analysis.

Data Analysis

We use a range of big data analysis tools and techniques to explain variations in performance, find opportunities and quantify benefits

Using the latest AI/data mining techniques we find insights to explain variation in performance, to find opportunities and to quantify benefits.
Balancing competing objectives and constraints we find quick win improvement opportunities and investments.
We report actual performance versus KPIs, and best practice. We report the actions you can take to reduce costs and improve efficiency: in real time, to PC, to existing reporting systems, to tablet and to mobile using the ‘NudgeEnergy’ app.


We work with industrial and commercial clients and suppliers of control, monitoring, and reporting solutions to deliver benefits

We work together with your experts to ensure we get the best solutions and achieve the greatest impact..
We are not aiming to replicate or replace your established systems, but to enhance them with big data/AI solutions, working with end users and energy/performance management system providers, and with consultants.
We deliver benefits – energy savings, carbon reduction, performance improvements, reduced cost, less risk.