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energy and digital transformations

Case Studies

Selected Projects


Energy transformation at UK manufacturing sites saving £2M/yr with no capital cost


CHP and Organic Rankine Cycle at UK chemicals plant saving £1.1M/yr


Energy transformation at UK sites reducing energy costs by 40%


Brewery energy transformation strategy saving £0.5M/yr with no capital cost

Oil Refining

Supporting digital best practice at 12 refineries


Energy transformation strategy saving £5M/yr with a 2 yr payback

R & D

Energy transformation and digital solutions

Data Centre

Energy transformation and ISO 50001

Oil Field Operations

Identified and quantified well interactions to optimise oil production


Development of KPIs for energy use to enhance energy management

District Heating and Cooling

20% energy savings with minimal investment

Gas Processing

4% improvement in profitability with no capital expenditure

Crude Stabilisation

3% reduction in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions


Improved understanding of causes of drilling failures

Paper Mill

Identified low cost opportunities to reduce energy use

Oil Refining

Low cost improvement opportunities to improve yield and quality

Animal Feed Milling

Identified opportunities to reduce energy use by 20%

Food Retail

Understand energy performance variations between stores to optimise new designs

Utilities Systems

Identified improved performance in boiler, refrigeration and power plant operations

Oil Well Corrosion

Better insight into corrosion rates and performance of inhibitors

Minerals Processing

Improved control of drier operations saving 25% of energy use


Quick wins identified savings worth $1M/yr

Formula 1

Optimum settings for better performance identified

CCGT Power Plant

Quick hit improvements requiring no capital expenditure identified