Energy Dashboards

Marston’s Inns and Taverns

The Challenge

Marston’s Inns and Taverns operate a portfolio of around 2000 managed and tenanted pub/restaurants. The wider Group includes 5 renowned breweries.

Energy costs in the managed pubs and restaurants are very significant, and energy represents a risk to the business. The company has an objective to reduce energy costs to improve profitability and competitiveness.  Energy and carbon are heavily regulated, and there is stakeholder interest in the energy performance of the company.

Reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions are essential to the ongoing health of the business.

The Solution

Marston’s have set in place a range of comprehensive initiatives to reduce energy use, including major investments in new equipment.

EIS has developed an energy reporting and ‘dashboard’ solution to assist with ongoing energy management. Live reports on performance are available on the desks of not only the pub managers, but also area managers, regional managers and even the company directors and CEO.  These reports identify when sites are underperforming in a timely manner and even alert staff to the actions that need to be taken.

Effective targets for energy use are essential for the reporting system

If there are no targets for energy use, then it is difficult to pick out which sites are performing well, and vice versa. EIS and Marston’s have used advanced data mining techniques to find the factors that affect energy use in pubs and to build models to predict energy use each day.  These accurate predictions mean that sites are singled out for action only when necessary, and provide the company with an accurate picture of the energy performance of the company, taking full account of factors such as weather, customer levels, menus and activity in the pubs and restaurants.

The energy dashboards provide decision support

As well as identifying when a pub is underperforming, the energy dashboards also provide specific guidance on the actions that need to be taken to reduce energy use. This guidance is based on the actual data for the site and ‘action rules’ discovered from the entire estate. The dashboards are available anywhere, anytime, throughout the company and can be accessed on PC, tablet or mobile device.

EIS is providing support for electricity and gas demand management and energy trading at the site.



Effective energy management for ESOS and ISO 50001

Real-time reports

Available on the desks of all employees, and on tablets and mobiles, to encourage action

Effective targets

To ensure only poor performers are targets, and taking full account of activity and other influencing factors

Decision support

Specific advice based on the energy profiles to ensure the right actions are implemented