Energy Improvement Programme

Cleveland Potash

The Challenge

Cleveland Potash operates a complex mine and refinery in the North of England. Energy costs are very significant and represent a risk to the business, and an opportunity. There is a constant pressure to achieve best practice energy and carbon performance to improve profitability and competitiveness, to comply with regulations and to minimise the potential impacts of volatile energy prices and supply security issues.

The Solution

The company takes energy very seriously and has a long history of investment and innovation to minimise energy costs. Energy Intelligent Solutions has provided support for a number of years: identification of opportunities, development of business cases, specifications and tender evaluations, support for implementation, design and implementation of energy dashboards, support for regulatory compliance covering the EU ETS, Climate Change Agreements, CHP QA, ESOS, ISO 50001 and more, and the provision of training.

Energy efficiency is one of several competing objectives in the mine

Changes to reduce energy use need to be consistent with the production, quality, yield, environmental and other targets and constraints.  EIS use data mining and optimisation techniques to improve understanding of energy efficiency opportunities and to find and quantify opportunities that are cost effective and consistent with overall company objectives.

EIS provided support for the initial implementation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and more recently for the investment in additional gas engines.

EIS has designed and implemented a real time energy and process monitoring dashboard solution. The dashboards provide live reports to the desk of all staff at the site, providing real time decision support.

Renewable energy solutions are a major opportunity at the site. These are being evaluated with support from EIS.

Regulatory compliance is critical and EIS has provided on-going support to ensure the company achieves this objective with minimum cost and maximum benefit.

EIS is providing support for electricity and gas demand management and energy trading at the site.

Providing support for all aspects of energy and carbon for 20 years


Support for a strategy for energy and carbon taking full account of the risks and opportunities to the business


Identification and development of opportunities, including CHP, steam system efficiency, VSDs, compressed air, LED lamps, motors, power systems, dryers, control and optimisation, refrigeration systems


Identification and development of renewable energy solutions, including geothermal heat, heat pumps, solar, wind and biomass