comprehensive independent advice and solutions for industrial and commercial organisations



real time energy reporting and decision support systems


advanced data analysis services and solutions make sense of ‘big data’


translates data into knowledge and actions

Energy Efficiency

Comprehensive advice and solutions to improve energy efficiency from energy audits to ‘energy improvement programmes’


Real time energy reporting and decision support systems proven to deliver improved performance for industry and commercial organisations

Data Mining

Advanced data analysis services and solutions to make sense of ‘big data’ and improve understanding of energy and process performance


Apps for mobiles and tablets providing real time insights, actions and dashboards to help companies reduce energy use, costs and carbon emissions

Worldwide energy management solutions

EIS, a leading independent energy and environmental consultancy, providing operational cost reduction solutions to industrial and commercial clients.

Whilst we understand the need for the effective use of established solutions, we also have a track record of innovation in process data analysis, in renewable energy solutions, in our approaches to solving energy problems. We are proud of our expertise in energy, our project successes and the clients we work for.