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We provide advice and solutions to industry and commercial organisations to reduce energy costs, control carbon dioxide emissions and improve process performance. We hold Carbon Trust Accreditation.

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Data mining - new solutions to reduce energy use and improve process performance

Energy efficiency - solutions to identify, develop and implement opportunities to reduce costs

Energy dashboards - interactive displays showing real time energy performance

Energy Management Information Systems - advanced solutions for real time energy management

Utilities strategy - to achieve low cost, reliable and sustainable energy supplies

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Jan 2014  Launch of a new web app for energy efficiency targeted at major energy users. The app provides real time energy performance reports updated every hour and includes real time decision support

Oct 2013 EIS is carrying out a detailed analysis of the performance of a Combined Heat and Power installation to identify and develop investment opportunities to reduce operating costs

 Sep 2013  Implementing the first phase of an Energy Improvement Programme for a leading UK industrial company targeting energy savings in excess of £1 million/yr and process performance improvements

Sep 2013  Further development and support of energy management initiatives at Marston's plc, including advanced data analytics to forecast energy costs, set budgets and implementation of ISO 50001

Sep 2013 Commissioned to further research oil field performance for a major oil company using data analytics and data mining techniques and implement software solutions

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